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Backpack Research & development, design, production
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Backpack customization
12 years focused on luggage design, production, R & D, custom professional manufacturers around you. Twenty years of development and design experience of the designer, for all types of customers tailored to a variety of functional backpack.
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Diverse styles, to meet your different needs; super high price, you can rest assured the purchase, we will to the best quality, the shortest delivery, reasonable prices dedication for your services.
Strict quality control
Strict implementation of the product materials, semi-finished products, product quality inspection provisions, production, quality control department in double check, and strive to achieve the defective products off the assembly line, quality problem is not the factory of the principle.
Bags Custom Center
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Novel and unique
Xinlida bags design followed the market trend, novel and unique style, depth of customization, satisfy the client's diverse needs of customization, new ideas and good intention!
High-end and classy
High-grade materials, special process, highlighting the high atmosphere; luggage design reflects the fashionable breath, business gifts absolutely noodles son!
Simple and practical popular
Both work office, or travel, luggage is always people's essential life activities, Xinlida various styles and different uses of bags, can meet the different needs of different users
Select the new leader Six Dali by
NO.1 Big brands Fixed partner
Big brand fixed partner. Xinlida attention leather bags for 12 years, is a set of bags R & D, design, production, processing, sales, operations for the integrated enterprise strength, international brands designated production base, at home and abroad more than 60 front-line brand long-term fixed suppliers;
NO.2 12 years Professional skills and vision
Professional and technical workers ten years of age, twenty years of experience in the design of development designer, responsible for the strict quality control personnel, quality assurance more awesome!
NO.3 good material guarantee
Selects the high quality materials, from the source to eliminate the possibility of occurrence of defective, the entire production process layers of monitoring to ensure problems timely detection and timely treatment, quality inspection departments will be professional quality of all finished products, substandard products not manufactured to ensure the.
NO.4 Be strict in one's demands The quality of work
Professional car suture is very strong, uniform and meticulous, good consistency, quality materials and meticulous workmanship, ensure every piece of products are of extraordinary quality works of art.
NO.5 Super strong Response time of delivery
The factory to implement lean production principles, reduce cost, shorten the response time, without reducing the quality or delay in delivery time
NO.6 reliable
After sales service system
Rieter has perfect service system, not just the sale, from order to delivery of the products door-to-door, every step has Xinlida professionals caring service!
About Us
Xinlida Bags Industry Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Xinlida bags Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2001, specializing in the production of various types of computer package (shoulder bag, shoulder bag), tablet computer bag, bags, hand capture, trolley bag, travel bag, etc..

Products of a wide range of materials, including: Oxford cloth, canvas, super fiber, PU, PVC, etc.. These packages scientific design, novel style, quality excellent, the full application of the principles of ergonomics and human body mechanics, reflecting the light, durable and comfortable, durable, allow users to achieve their goals at the same time, the body is relaxed, maximally protect their physical health.

These packages after launch, will be in short supply, selling all over the world, the independent brand "delta", "Bao Lang", "Salome", well known.

Repeat customers accounted for more than 95%,
We choose the root of your confidence and pride!
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登山、野营、出外郊游 ,最不能缺少的东西就是背包。它可以携带很多东西、解放双手,保持身体平衡,使得行程更加安全舒适。然而如何在大大小小、形色各异的背包中找...
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电脑包定做市场需求越来越火热,琳琅满目的款式已经让众多消费者目不暇接,那么定做电脑包除了款式以外,还有哪些因素需要注意的呢?那绝对就是电脑包的材质了!一个电脑包的主要材质是: 面料+里布+扣具+拉链+肩...
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